It's time to create your best healthy with Energy Protein Cereal bars !

Super Foods Bars season is here. Are you ready?

I can produce all kinds of protein bar, cereal bar, snack bar product for the owner of their own brand (OEM, ODM Private Label Service), a complete range from the research and development process of the product formulas Production process Requesting FDA and documents for export Product packing By international production standards such as GMP ( GHP ), CODEX, FDA, USFDA, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, BRC

We aim to produce quality products that are beneficial and have value with hight nutritional to consumers. Meets international production standards By designing Food Bar Protein bar Cereal Bar products to be different and unique to each brand Therefore, entrepreneurs can choose the flavor, the form of the dessert, and the packaging as needed. We are ready give value super food bar around the world

ENERGYprotein Bar

Healthy Super Food Energy Protein Bar Cereal bar  OEM ODM OBM Manufacturer 

Protein Energy Bar

Healthy Foods and Snacks are high in protein have low calories and vitamin nutritious have benefit for life can be supplements food

Protein bar

Cereal Bar

Energy Bar

Granola Bar

your health come to life

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Superfoods Bars Products

Energy Bar, Protein Bar, Cereal Bar, Rice Bar, Fruits Bar, Whey Protein Bar, Grains Bar, Snacks bar, Almond Bar, Chocolate Bar, Nuts Bar, Seeds Bar, Peanut bar, Candy Bar, Muesli Bar, Granola Bar, Fruit Cashew Bar, Vitamins Bar, Super Food, Muscle protein bar, Etc.



OEM Product Description

Product Capacity : 5,000,000 Bar/piece / Month

MOQ :  50,000  BOX ( 1 Box Packing 12 Bars , 1 Carton / Crate packing 12 Box )

Product Rate Price ( Cost only Raw Material Excluding about packaging and other ) : starting rate price 0.012 USD. / Gram ( Please ask for more details. )

Rate Price Services : FOB, CIF ( Up to area and country )

Size of Productions  :  50g. , 60g., 90g.100g. 

Product shelf life : 6 Month – 2 Years

Productions and Processing About Lead Time : 6 – 12 Months ( After Payment )

Lead Time To Ship : 7 – 45 days

Payment Transfer : T/T, Online Transfer Banking, WU

Payment Term : Before 70 % : 30 % When Product finished but before shipment

Factory Quality Standard : FDA, US FDA, GMP ( GHPs ), CODEX, HACCP, HALAL, ISO

Money Back Guarantee : Get a refund / discount in case of payment for formula development and sample products ( RD Research and Development Product ). After testing the product and ordering the actual production


Q1: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test. But you have to pay the sample cost and express cost.

Q2: Do you receive customized private label order?
A: Yes, we are ODM & OEM services .

Q3: What is cost R&D develop formula about product ?

A: it’s ( Research and Development Product ) cost about service process and raw material , ingredients , test sample product then this cost will give money back or change be discount when start real order.

A2. Cost R&D is 5,000 USD. / Formula ( Note: This money will turn back or discount when have real order product by will delete with cost of sample product )

A3. Test sample will can development  3 time like flavour, taste, raw material , Ingredients ( but might within cost ) maybe agree within 1 time then can real order after agree

A4. Test Sample can have 20 – 30 piece / time  ( Test sample packing normal sachet )

Q4: What’s the production lead time?
A: Up to according to the order quantity, usually need 6-12  Month ( First Order will delay and up to production order of other customers as well ) and about process register document like FDA, Nutrition certificate, Halal and other, etc.

Q5: How many shelf life of products ?
A: Product have shelf life 6 month – 2 years ( up to each products, formula, raw material )

Q6: How much cost about OEM ODM private label product ?

A: About Cost up to formula, size, packaging design , print color and other details your need.

Q7: What is products produce?

A: Protein Bar, Energy Bar, Cereal bar, Whey Protein Bar, Food Bar, Superfood Bar, Supplement Bar , Peanuts Bar, Healthy Bar, Etc.

Q8: What’s payment terms?
A: We receive T/T, West Union, Online Payment. Online Banking Transfer.

Manufacturing process

R&D Products, 3 time


Quantity / Time

20 – 30 Piece

Lead Time 

15 – 60 Days

Terms and Conditions

1. Accept product formulation development cost ( accept quotation )

2. Pay the formula development fee (pay by bank transfer only)

3. The terms and conditions for the production of the goods will be stated on the quotation (PO) or the invoice (PI).

4. Once the payment is completed You will receive a payment receipt.

5. When the company / factory produces After receiving the money, product formula development and sample production will begin. Using business hours, approximately 15 – 60 days

(If the factory has raw materials in stock, it will be faster. If there is no stock, it will take time to buy new raw materials.)

6. When the sample product is finished, the sample will be sent to the customer. according to the specified amount is 20 – 30 pieces per time

( Shipping costs will be paid by the customer for formula development. and will be deducted from expenses together)

7. Once the sample product formula is accepted Customers can order real products immediately.

8. When accepting the quotation/payment invoice real product production along with terms and agreements for the production of goods Make the customer pay according to the agreement

9. When the company / factory, the manufacturer of the product Payment and proof of payment has been received. will begin to produce products according to the agreement immediately

Note: If the customer wants the process The production of goods is carried out quickly. The customer should use the process of payment of 70% of the total purchase amount. After receiving the quotation/payment invoice finished can start to produce samples and test products ready to start marketing at the same time It will save a lot of time. From the normal time, 6 – 12 months, will be able to take only 4 – 6 months.

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