OEM odm Terms and Conditions, Agreements


Terms and conditions of payment and request for quotation About the product you want to produce in your brand as OEM ODM OBM Manufacturer Service [ Private Label ] with our factory.


Cosmetics / Makeup / Skin care / Supplements / Snacks / Beverages / Foods / Etc.


Tell us details of your requirements to get a quotation from us.


Payment to Phatotouch Co., Ltd. only


Price and quantity of goods are in accordance with the quality, efficiency, source, production process, standardized extraction and certification research and other factors. Which if you want cheap but high quality products May have to trade with mass production

OEM ODM Private Label

1. Tell us in detail what you need, such as the features, benefits and value of the product you want.

2. Tell me the recipe and / or details about the ingredients. The extracts you need (if available), but if not, just let us know the features and benefits of the desired product and we will find, innovate and develop for you in our R&D lab.

Quotations Prices

3. Tell the price and quantity your needs in each products (To determine the feasibility) (FOB Price / CIF Price)

4. Inform your name, surname, address, postal code, country, phone number , port name to make details, offer quotation and send sample products to you (if not informed, we will not do anything for you)

R & D Terms

New formula development Which is the formula that customers want Or set the desired properties Then let the factory invent and develop new formulas that have detailed Regarding products and services as follows

  • Service fee for inventing and developing product formulas starting at 175 – 524 USD per product and service. ( Depending on the products and services, prices may be changed accordingly )
  • Raw material and extracts (Depending on the type Type and quality)

Note: Our company and factory do not have a stock policy for raw materials and extracts. As follows: if a customer wants a sample product, it must be an order only (except we have produced sample products orginal in stock already) Prices for sample products are based on prices from quality, process, source and location. That we order raw materials and extracts [ product order samples are if buy just small amounts that maybe traded for the high prices while it is According to the cost that we have acquired of raw materials and extracts labs ]

Since our company and factory do not buy raw materials and extracts for stock . Because raw materials and extracts are constantly being developed by scientists. We do not want to use the same raw materials and extracts, produce them for many customers using the same raw materials and extracts. We want every customer to receive good products with high quality, unique and unique of formula. Without the need to repeat the same pattern It is in order to distinguish the product with its own brand name [ mosquito nets focus on quality, safety, benefit and value that consumers will receive. Not focus just a cheap product ]

Lead Time

Production period start at 15 days – 12 months (depending on the process and the type of products and services)

Our production capacity 150,000 – 300,000 pieces  / box / capsule per hour of each product.

Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ Orders]

Minimum product range from 15,000 – 300,000 pieces per product category. [The minimum amount can be changed as appropriate]

Test Sample Products Terms

Customers can choose which products and services they want.

  • Obtain sample products for testing first (the formula can be developed as needed 3 – 6 times per item. It depends on the type of product and service). Sample products for trial have 2 types is either free or ordered.
  • Ask for a quotation first when accepting the OEM ODM cost price. And pay according to company conditions Then receive sample products for testing

Receiving sample products for trial The details are as follows

  • Receive free samples According to the amount that we set If we already have a sample product (But the customer is responsible for the shipping cost)
  • In case the factory does not produce sample products Customers have to buy the products for testing by the required quantity and bear the shipping cost.

Note: In case of money that the customer purchases sample products from the factory, then after if the customer has real production order with us will be considered a partial payment also with factories And / or used as a discount on the production of the same product when have real order productions happen

Payments Terms

Our payment methods are T / T, Online Banking Payment, western Union (only through company bank account or company authorized director).

The payment terms for producing goods are as follows.

  • New customers 70: 30% before the production of the product 70% and before the finished product is ready to be shipped 30% payment
  • The 2nd production customer = 60: 40% before the product is 60% and before the finished product is ready for delivery, pay 40%.
  • 3rd time = 50: 50% customer production, 50% before the production and 50% before the finished product is ready to be shipped.
  • Payment account: Company account only.

Note: When the customer has paid for products and services and is in the process of processing Customers will not be able to claim any refund of any kind.

Benefits and values ​​you will get when producing OEM ODM OBM with us.

1. Marketing service

2. Services for distribution locations Both at home and abroad

3. Website building services

4. Marketing materials service One stop online

5. Offline marketing materials such as billboards, product booths, product launches, etc.

See more details at : https://www.phatotouch.co.th/marketing-service-presentation/

For more information, please contact at : https://www.phatotouch.co.th/contact-us/

Production and packaging services as follows:

1. There is a formula for success.

2. Ready to pack immediately

3. Products stored in suitable containers.

4. Others according to customer requirements (The company and factory will consider the possibility and suitability again)

Service fee will be considered as appropriate.

Rates of prices and costs of producing OEM ODM products

NOTE : The prices indicated are only preliminary production costs. They differ in details such as raw materials, extracts, packaging, etc.

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