Who am I ?

Phatotouch Co.,Ltd.  Founded 2014

We do business about exporting, importing, manufacturing and selling consumer products, beauty products, cosmetics, makeup, skin care products, spa products, soaps, natural organic products, hair care products, sunscreen products,Cleaning products, washing products, dishwashing products, fabric softening products, health food supplements, dried food and fruits, beverage products, health drinks, energy drinks, herbs, health products processed agricultural products, ready-to-eat food products, all products are certified to international standards and production plants have modern production processes under international quality certification marks such as ISO, GMP, CODEX, HACCP and HALAL, FDA, etc.


What am I doing ?

OEM + ODM + OBM Service

Research, development, trial, production, packing, ready to distribute, import raw materials Production services both at Thai and abroad.

Branding Projects

Produce products with us. We create brands and sell - distribute them . Customers just wait to get the return capital + profit.


Design products, packaging, publications, marketing materials, advertising media, etc., uniquely creative, catalog products

Sales and Distribution

Sell and distribute products - distributors, online - offline both at Thailand and abroad.


Marketing strategies to sell effectively and efficiently, creating promotions, reaching consumers directly and thoroughly.


Create, promote, launch, advertise, quality products, worthwhile, targeted

Marketing Strategy & Distribution Channels

International Trade

How Can I help You ?

I have marketplace and  sales team for sell and distribution products both in Thailand and abroad 

E-commerce - Online Shopping

Sell products online to give access to and facilitate consumers to shop and sell products worldwide.

Modern Trade , Shop, Store

Sell and distribution products in department stores and stores to reach customers for those who want to have experience and touch the product.

Sales Team and Dealer System

Broker system to help sell products, release products, distribute products, helping to expand a wider customer base. Both at Thai and abroad

Logistics, Shipping, Transport

Cargo transportation system Store and stock products In order to be able to deliver products to customers safely, instantly, and create a happy for customers

Market Place/Shop/Store

Net Idol & Influencer

Business Matching

Sales Team

Grand Opening / Launch

Event / Expro


Dealer & Distributor

Review Products

Packing / Shipping


Promote / Out Door

Cagtalog / Magazine

Social Live Promote/Sales

TV Sales Channels

TV Promote

Website / Sales Page

Web Blog

King Content

Viral Video

Our Portfolio

Close Sales

Shipping / Transport


Mini Shop / Convenience Store

Shop / Department Store

Local Stores

Popular Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing & Advertising

Google / Adword / Ad

E mail / Promotion

Facebook / Page

Youtube / Chanel

Network & web classified

Line Marketing

Strategy To Attract Customers


My Value For Your Choice

Owner Brand

Your brand, in which you operate your own sales and marketing, using our various services such as sales, distribution, marketing, advertising, events, launch products, etc.

Business Plan

Build your brand Let us sell your products and marketing. We will create sales and share profits and win win together. But you are responsible for marketing and advertising expenses.

Investor Package

Let us manufacture products on behalf of your brand. We will be manufacturers and sellers to guarantee capital 100% + profits by investing under the Investor of crown premium brands projects Package.

Infinite Strategy For Success