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I can produce all kinds of sweets. Both international desserts and Thai desserts for the owner of their own brand (OEM, ODM Private Label Service), a complete range from the research and development process of the product formulas Production process Requesting FDA and documents for export Product packing By international production standards such as GMP, FDA, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, CODEX, BRC

We aim to produce quality products that are beneficial to consumers. Meets international production standards By designing candy products to be different and unique to each brand Therefore, entrepreneurs can choose the flavor, the form of the dessert, and the packaging as needed.


Phatotouch Healthy Energy Snacks Bar OEM ODM OBM Manufacturer factory private label services

Healthy & Energy Snacks Premium

Healthy Snack are high in protein and low calories have benefit for life

nachos mexican cuisine

Energy raw bites

granola munchies

granola isolated

your health come to life

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List of produced snacks

Crunchy corn

Potato Chips


corn chips

Corn Cracker

Banana Crispy Rolls

Isometric bread

Pop Corn

Corn Grey Stone

Crispy Jackfruit

banana crispy

cookies bread

Wafer rolls


cereal granola

cereal corn flakes

Packaging Design

I always make sure to provide you with the best quality and value of the goodies

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