Cookie Policy

Use of cookies

1. Overview
in using the website, which includes our mobile application and mobile website. You agree and agree that we and third parties may store and access cookies, IP addresses. and use other tracking technology methods for complete platform functionality. for the collection of information collected about the use of the website to improve your online experience. and to manage and personalize advertising and communications about goods and services between us and you. You can set your browser or device to accept all cookies. Notify you when cookies are created. or do not accept cookies entirely

This last resort means that not all customization features will be available to you. Therefore, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features of the website. And because each browser is different. So you may have to check the menu. “Help”, “Options” or “Settings” on your browser to learn how to change your cookie settings.
However, disabling it may affect your use of the Platform. Please read below for more information on what cookies are. Tracking Technologies We Use and how we use those technologies

2. What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that the Platform places and stores on your browser or device. Cookies allow website owners to differentiate between activities originating from your device and activities from other users on that website.
Each website can send its own cookie to your browser or device if your browser settings allow it. However Your browser will only allow a website to access cookies that have been sent to you by that website.
Cookies sent to you from other websites cannot be accessed.

3. Types of cookies we use and how we use cookies
Our platform uses the following types of cookies:

Session Cookies only exist during your session on our Platform.
Persistent Cookies will persist for some time after your visit.
First Party Cookies are cookies used by our Platform.
Third Party Cookies are cookies that are set by third party platforms.

Cookie files are stored in your web browser. Make this website and third parties recognize you. And make it easier for you to visit the website the next time. and make this website even more useful to you.

A cookie is either a “Persistent Cookie” or a “Session Cookie.” Persistent Cookies remain on your computer or mobile device when you are offline, while session cookies are used.
It will be deleted immediately when you close the web browse

4. How we use cookies and how we work is as follows.

Functional cookies – These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our platform, for example, cookies that allow you to log in to your account. Cookies that allow you to place an order on the Platform.
can be completed Cookies that allow you to use different functions on our platform. If you disable these cookies You may not be able to use our platform to the fullest extent. or not at all

Analytics/performance cookies – These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors and see how visitors move around different parts of the Platform. We use Google Analytics to collect and analyze this information.
to improve the way the Platform works and to improve the user experience. These cookies cannot identify you or your personal information, so your privacy is well protected.

Cookies to provide you with a better experience – These cookies are used to enable the Platform to recognize you when you return to our Platform. These cookies allow us to personalize the content for you. greeting with your name
and remember your preference settings)

Advertising Cookies – These cookies record your visit to our website. the page you visited and how you use the platform We will use this information to enable our advertisements to be displayed on other platforms.
(by third-party ad providers) are more relevant to you. We may share this information with third parties for this purpose. For example, we may show you relevant advertisements based on your browsing history on the Platform.
These cookies cannot identify you or your personal information, so your privacy is well protected.

5. Cookies and similar technologies, third parties
We use cookies and our similar technologies to collect information about the status of users’ use of the website. and bring it to social media partners such as Google or Facebook, advertising company partners
including partners who are data analytics companies Each Partner may combine such information with information previously provided by the User to the Partner. or other information collected when the user uses the service of the partner website.

6. Your Choices Regarding Cookies and Similar Technologies
You have the right to opt-out of the use of cookies and similar technologies at any time. or types of cookies and similar technologies and cookies and similar technologies The old address in the web browser will still be there. You therefore need to delete cookies and similar technologies. in the browser itself Please see the web browser’s help page for details.

7. Deleting Cookies and Similar Technologies or refuse to accept cookies and similar technologies It may prevent you from being able to use all the functions on the website. Can’t save my settings Including some screens may not display properly.