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I ‘m conduct business about exporting, importing, manufacturing and selling consumer products, beauty products, cosmetics, makeup, skin care products, spa products, soaps, natural organic products, hair care products, sunscreen products, Health food supplements, food and dried fruits, beverage products, health drinks, herbs, processed agricultural products, products Ready-to-eat food products, all products are certified to international standards and manufacturing plants have modern production processes under international quality certification marks such as ISO, GMP, CODEX, HACCP and HALAL, FDA, etc.





I 'm Services for producing products and purchasing products in Thailand and then shipping to your country


Export Import Manufacturer

I service, manufacture and distribute high quality products. Safe and beneficial to consumers the most. I specialize and focus on producing consumer products such as beauty, cosmetics (Personal Care, skin care, hair care, soaps, serum, spa,), health supplements Healthy snacks, dry food (such as dried durian, dried fruit, etc.), Drinks and Beverage, Thai herbal Products, cleaning products (Home Care) such as dishwashing liquid, laundry products. Bathroom wash products, etc. All my production has international production standards. To export worldwide

International Trade

Our Service

OEM ODM OBM ( Private Label )


Skin Care

Hair Care

Hair Color



Fragrance & Perfume


Oral Care

Facial Care Mark


Body Care

Supplement Healthy

Herbal Products


Skin Care

Hair Care


Personal Care

Baby Care

Pet Care

Laundry Products

Dishwashing Products

Cleaning Products

Organic & Natural

Dried Fruits


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Canned Foods, Grains & Cereal

Coconut Oil

Durian Powder

Carbonate Sparkling Juice

Healthy Drink

Fruit Juice

Energy Drink


What is Our Foods & Beverage Processing ?

Our food processing include drum drying, puffing, dry frying and powder mixing. Our company has an experienced research and development team. We can create different product formulas by ourselves. In addition, we also welcome OEM products. We choose various raw materials without genetic modification. We produce baby food, ready cereals. Brewed cereal drinks, cereals and organic snacks. In addition, we can process a variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as high-quality sheets and powders.

Achievements Projects

Carbonate Sparkling Drink

น้ำผลไม้ น้ำอัดลม

Beverage / Energy Drinks


Dried Foods - Fruits / Snack


Canned Foods, Grains & Cereal

ผลิตภัณฑ์อาหาร กระป๋อง

Beauty & Personal Care

ความงาม เครื่องสำอาง ครบวงจร



Export Import

International Trade

Market Place

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How good is OEM ODM OBM ? Why is it important ?

What I Have To Say

I intend to produce Good quality products for you and benefit all consumers. I want give value to you the most

Accepting OEM ODM OBM services with us helps brand owners or business owners to reduce costs. There is no need to build a manufacturing plant or manage OEM ODM OBM yourself. Owners, brands, and businesses simply sell under their own brand names. OEM ODM OBM services may be cheaper because of time and cost savings for brand owners and business owners. Our OEM services are specialized in manufacturing and creating new innovations.
Pathomporn S.
Always use modern tools, whether research, development, formulas for various products. Which can create and produce a variety of products Effectively High quality products Export standard which is an international standard production such as GMP, ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL etc. Moreover, OEM ODM OBM may provide good return on investment. With products that are innovative, high quality, safe and useful to consumers
Pathomporn S.
I useModern technology and machinery with raw material components to produce the best high quality products, build stable business sustainability by maintaining the highest efficiency and quality, and helping brand and product owners. Save costs and help increase brand and business owner profits. Cost savings help customers or consumers buy products at an affordable price. But has value and high quality which creates benefits for all parties.
Pathomporn S.
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